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What our clients say…

I first met Rod and Barry Bower at the job site of my future home. The house was in the framing stage so it was rather difficult to get a sense of what it would look like. I was really blown away by the beautiful views from all sides.

Rod pulled out his plans and a list of everything he had intended to go onto the house, but it was still problematic to visualize the end result. I had seen enough to sign on the bottom line on the spot.

As construction progressed, I continued to be amazed at the quality of materials and workmanship. I came to admire and trust Rod and Barry over the period of construction and now consider them true friends.

There have been a couple of problems that I am not sure happened because of their work, but nevertheless they came out and took care of the issues immediately.

To my complete surprise, they even hired someone to clean out all the mistletoe from the beautiful oak trees before I moved in.

Thanks Guys! Bill B., Bear Valley Springs, CA
Custom-built home in Tehachapi